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Dynamic, experienced, professional and stable organization, recognized for its personalized service and superior quality.

We favor direct contact with the client to quickly become aware of their needs, in order to go beyond their expectations.

Courtesy | Flexibility  |  Integrity  |  Security

The strength ofour organizational culture and the stability of our staffensure that the company has overcome unpredictable and frequent situations in these two spheres of activity.

After more than 30 years,we always take up new challenges with enthusiasm and wisdom:not only organizational challenges, but also ethical and social ones.

As a partner in our success, we will also ask for your collaboration in compiling and collecting information: we thank you in advance.

It will certainly guide the actions to be favored to succeed in our plans, and thus strengthen our bond of trust. In fact, the actions result in the renewal ofmandatory and optional training.

We will also continue theinvestments aimed at improving the quality of our vehicles.

Moreover, aware of the importance ofEnvironmental Protection,we will make changes aimed at reducing the impact of our activities on our living environment.

The Bus Fleur de Lys team therefore works with a view tocreate a long term relationshipby developing products and services that correspond to the values of our customers.

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