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Master of charter and collective transport

Autobus Fleur de Lys owns more than 100 vehicles and employs more than 200 people.


For more than 30 years

the company operates in the transport of passenger buses 

Our success is directly linked to our human capital

Since 1989, Autobus Fleur de Lys has built a reputation as a leader.

We take great care of our customers by ensuring courteous, attentive and well-intentioned service, with carefully inspected vehicles that are regularly maintained.
Our rigor related to mechanical maintenance is your best guarantee, along with experienced, passionate and courteous drivers.

Autobus Fleur de Lys is recognized for the quality of its personalized service offering through privileged contact with the customer.

In addition to putting the customer first, our values are based on courtesy, flexibility, integrity and security.


We offer the services of several transport logistics experts

For any event, large or small, for urban, suburban, adapted transportation as well as for the shuttle service, they have the expertise to plan and advise.

Our team works together towards one common goal:

the well-being of its passengers


honest, flexible and courteous!

A safe service

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