AUTOBUS FLEUR DE LYs for your safety

When you choose Autobus Fleur de Lys you can be sure that each vehicle has undergone regularly scheduled maintenance and has been subjected to the most rigorous technical examination. Our obsession with technical excellence is your best guarantee of a trouble free trip to and from your chosen destination.

Transport en autobus sécuritaire

Autobus Fleur de Lys meets the Provincial Regulations and operates with the Safety Fitness Certificate in the « Satisfactory » category. This safety fitness certificate is valid throughout Canada.

To ensure the safety and quality of all the products and services offered to our customers :

  • All mechanical staff attend regular training courses and seminars, so they are kept up-to-date on the latest environmental, technical and vehicle safety issues and are accredited under the preventive maintenance program (PMP) of the société of assurance automobile du Quebec
  • All driving Staff hold a 1 or 2 license which involves a Criminal Background Check
  • All drivers are enrolled in a random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
    • general information
    • evaluation of skills
    • policies and rules
    • defensive driving and road safety laws
    • quality customer service
    • processing breakdowns and emergencies
    • pre-departure verification procedure
    • Defensive Driver course taken every 2 years (mandatory)
  • Occupational Health and Safety committee
The man or woman drivng your motorcoach has been trained to deliver you and your group safely and courteously to your destination