Our dynamic, experienced, professional, and reliable organization is known for the quality of its personalized services, with emphasis on direct customer contact to identify customer needs as quickly as possible and determine how to exceed them.

Courtesy, flexibility, integrity, security

  • Autobus Fleur de Lys has provided customers and partners with quality charter transportation products and services that meet both the standards that govern the North American transportation industry, and the changing conditions and needs of the tourism industry. The company’s core values of safety, integrity, flexibility, and courtesy, govern the Autobus Fleur de Lys's team and its corporate culture.
  • This approach, combined with a modern fleet of vehicles, professional drivers, and a team of experienced mechanics, helps us to satisfy our customers’ demands, and most importantly, build relationships based on communication and promptness to meet the needs of our business partners.
    we are still meeting new challenges with wisdom and enthusiasm, challenges that are not only organizational but also ethical and social.
  • In order to adapt our business model to meet these challenges, we have developed a strategic marketing plan in collaboration with a consulting firm. As a partner in our success, your cooperation in compiling and collecting information is appreciated. We thank you in advance. This effort will undoubtedly be conducive to our plan’s success and further strengthen our relationships.
  • Developments include: current and future updates to both our mandatory and optional training programs, along with investments aimed at making upgrades to our fleet. In addition, we are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and, as a result, we are making changes to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Meanwhile, we have and will continue to ensure that the dreams of thousands of tourists and visitors come true; together, we will deliver results beyond their expectations.
  • On behalf of myself and my team, I personally wish to thank all of those who have put their trust in Autobus Fleur de Lys. With more than half a million passengers annually, Autobus Fleur de Lys is setting the standard in the charter transportation industry.